Less frustration! 

After some more effort this afternoon and evening i’ve come up with a pattern that is at least a bit like it’s meant to be! The edges are still a case of making them up as i go along to try to stop them being too bendy, but i don’t think that matters too much in a scarf!

I played around with trying to draw the pattern out, but i got confused and had to change it… Hence the scribbling out! 

I’m proud of myself for keeping going with this and not giving up. 


2 thoughts on “Less frustration! ”

  1. Indeed, keep going! It is great how what you have been experiencing in a small way with your crochet is perhaps like your friend has been experiencing in her life. Do I take it that your previous big piece of crochet is still to be ‘finished’ in that it’s not yet been given? xx Mum


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