Getting back to it 

Yesterday, after a week of having no time at all to do any craft i ended up making two things! 

In school in the morning i made 2 roly poly birds from the roald dahl books the enormous crocodile and the twits. 

I was really pleased with what could be achieved with a ball pool ball, some pipe cleaners, feathers, a pom pom, googly eyes, a piece of foam and a hot glue gun! I have to say it totally came to life when i added the beak and eyes, and the children have loved  playing with them and retelling the story with them. I love the different character you can get by twisting the neck to different angles! 

I also took inspiration from another blog (I’ll share her original post in a moment),  and used sharpie markers to decorate a mug for my friend hannah who had her last day as a teaching assistant in another reception class in school today. 

In the end i was pleased with the effect of the simple pictures of her with children all holding hands, and the blocks of colour, even though it generally looked better from further away! I think i might try more designs on plates next time. 

To fix the design you bake the finished product in the oven at 140c for two hours. 


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