Remedying mistakes

Today i remade the square i unravelled yesterday, which was a bit unnerving given that I’d already cut the ends, but the wool lasted just the right amount! 

Then i unravelled the oversized square back to the centre circle, and reused that wool to make a square that is now the right size. It’s funny that given that I’d added an extra 17 stitches to the second coloured round i still had only just enough wool to complete the round. The next round was the same. But then the final, outside round had tons of wool left over. I expected that, given that the square had  started bigger, it’s just weird that the other rounds were presumably smaller but didn’t use less wool. 

Anyway, i feel happier knowing I’ve completed the set of 8 and they’re all even now. I may need a different project for a bit of variety! 


2 thoughts on “Remedying mistakes”

  1. Have you mounted the fox picture yet? Rowan and Gylfi were with us when we saw a fox in broad daylight on the green ‘donkey’ field. I think that’s why I feel green is a good colour, but you may have changed your mind! Do show us when you;ve completed it.


    1. Thank you for the prompt to complete this project… Will post a new blog later today with the finished product! Seeing foxes is always special. I was inspired to do this particular paper cut when a friend of mine told me she’d seen a fox and its cubs playing in her garden early one morning. Her son had seen them the day before and when she asked why he hadn’t come to tell her he reminded her that they are not allowed out of their bedrooms before 7am! She told him that for something that exciting he could come and get her whatever the time!! I’m glad they came back and she got to share that experience with her son.


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