More granny squares

Today I’ve made more granny squares. They work up pretty quickly, which is good as I’ve made silly mistakes in several of them and ended up unravelling one or more rounds of crochet. I was going to write this blog once i’d completed the 8th square, but right at the end i realised I’d only done 15 petal seconds in the second and third colours, so as i came up to the last corner on the final round i realised i didn’t have enough gaps to crochet into. Now that square is back to this…! 

I’m too tired to redo it now, and figure is probably make a silly mistake on it again anyway, so I’ll save it for tomorrow. I also spent time wondering why one of the squares was so much bigger than the others (2nd from left on the bottom row) as my tension is usually fairly even. I think i accidentally added too many chains between sections as i thought i remembered what i was doing. I think that then altered the overall size. I’m hoping it won’t notice too much once i join them together, but I’m probably wrong, and will end up needing to remake that one too! 

On a positive note, i really enjoy doing the final round when the design turns from a circle into a square. I love how each section increases or decreases in size in what feels like a very satisfying pattern. It’s really cool when the corners start appearing and it feels a bit magical. I’ve also enjoyed learning some new stitches, with treble clusters (though i found another pattern that uses this term but means something different! Thank goodness for patterns that include step by step photos and instructions to make things clear!), and a double treble stitch where you wrap the wool round twice before starting the stitch. 

And finally i love how each square is a finished product on  its own, but will be part of something bigger in the end. Oh, and also, i love how they make me feel like I’m not so lazy when I’m sitting watching box sets on tv! 

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