Crochet rabbit and rosie posie granny squares

Here’s my completed rabbit! I think she’s cute and hope my friend’s little girl likes her. I didn’t follow the pattern exactly as i just pulled the bottom part tight rather than folding the  corner up to the neck. 

I realised that a benefit of using variegated wool is that you can’t see the stitching so much, so i didn’t have to worry how neat  i was being with my sewing! 

I made the pompom by winding wool around two of my fingers and then wrapping wool round the middle to hold it tight. I then sewed it on before cutting the loopy bits so i didn’t unintentionally catch up any of the ends. 

Then i went on the hunt for a new project. One that wouldn’t involve continually looking at a pattern or counting stitches, that i could do while chatting to people or watching tv. I found these rosie posie granny squares by cherry heart. I thought they looked really pretty, and i loved the name. My god daughter is called rosie, as is one of our guinea pigs (she came to us with that name) and i often call her rosie posie. 

Previously the only granny square i’d ever made was a ridiculously loose one that was my first ever attempt at crochet. Somehow it was so loose you could  see individual strands of wool rather than stitches! I guess it goes to show that you definitely can improve with practice! 

This is the first one i made, which i was a bit tentative with. The navy wool doesn’t behave very nicely either and doesn’t always crochet up very neatly. 

The second one i did a little bit tighter, and it all looks a bit neater. They’re strangely addictive and fun to make, so I’m going to keep going with these for a while and see how far i get. Then I’ll figure out what to turn them into! 

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