Crochet rabbit

After work today i met with my friend hannah in a local cafe to chat and crochet. So i sat with a yummy cheese and apple scone, chocolate guiness cake and an apple and cinnamon drink and decided that would do for my tea! 

Another friend of mine had requested that i make a crochet rabbit for her daughter, which you can make from a square of knitting or crochet, so i started that there. 

Normally i hate the first row of crochet, going into the chain, but today i concentrated on not making it too tight, and it was way easier. 

What was trickier was remembering to stop crocheting to eat my scone and drink my drink before it got cold! I really enjoy chatting and working on crochet that i don’t have to think about. This was just rows of double crochet, so i didn’t have to concentrate on it too much. It was great to catch up with hannah, and get started on the rabbit square. 

This evening i carried on with it at liz’s birthday pudding evening. We sat  around chatting and laughing, and eating cakes and puddings! I’d made peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies earlier in the evening  to take with me… A recipe I’d  got from another friend but that I’d  not made before. They worked pretty well even though i had to extend the cooking  time because i made them bigger than they were meant to be (12 cookies from a recipe that should make 24!).

By the end of the evening the square was finished and I’d caught up with lots of friends! 

Sewing and stuffing the rabbit will definitely have to wait for another day as it’s bedtime now! 


2 thoughts on “Crochet rabbit”

  1. Oh this is lush…..totally made my day, so many super projects made me finger twitchy to get on with some of my own……perhaps I will have time over Easter.


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