Paper cut foxes part 3 (and final!) 

Another half an hour and they were done! I’m really pleased with how they look. 

Sorry the photo’s the wrong way round, i can’t work out how to rotate it! 

I’m really pleased that they also look quite neat on the cut side, where you cut away the black parts. I know a couple of my branches are a bit thicker or thinner than they should be, but I’m glad i’ve mainly manged to cut along the lines! 

I experimented a bit with different  blades. The paper panda book recommends a number 11 swann morton surgical blade. I started with that and quite liked it. It felt sturdy, but bends so you can do nice things on curves. They also suggested you could try a 10a or a 15. In my original order i ordered several of each. I’ve discovered i really do not like the 10a at all, and won’t even use them just to finish the packet up. They’re too hard and they sit wonky in the handle i have which makes them very awkward to use. I quite like the 15 as it has a much shorter blade. I’ll try that out a bit more before deciding which I’ll order more of! 

The final decision with my foxes is which colour to mount them on. I wanted to do orange as that’s the colour of foxes, but i don’t think it shows up the design as nicely as it could. Would love to get your opinions on which of the colours look best (while realising the photo doesn’t necessarily show the colour exactly as i can see it!) 


4 thoughts on “Paper cut foxes part 3 (and final!) ”

  1. I think the green is the one I like best, but choose a colour that suits wherever you want to hang it/use it!! Mum xx


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