Today i actually did all my jobs before doing anything creative: cleaning out the guinea pigs and letting them have a good run around our living room, french homework writing sentences using different tenses, and reading lots of a school textbook that belonged to a relative of my tutor and was written in 1879 (amazing!), booking a day at a conference, booking a bed and breakfast for the start of our holiday at Easter, and cooking  dinner and getting stuff ready for work tomorrow. After all that it was evening and i decided not to paper cut. I was needing to relax and didn’t want to end up rushing the foxes just to get them finished. I decided to draw instead. 

Obviously i chickened out at the idea of a window box full of petunias, and just decided to draw one! Before each picture i draw i look up potential images online. I loved the pictures of individual petunias, but freaked out at the idea of a whole window box where i’d lose  the beautiful details on the individual flower. I could imagine myself just doing lots of dots of colour that probably wouldn’t even really look like flowers,so thought I’d focus on one instead. I love the process of looking at detail in something you would often glance over, and taking the time to really notice it. 

I’m not so happy with the next picture i did,  though i enjoyed doing it. I wondered how i was going to do an essentially white flower without drawing the outline in black but then i thought about what i’d read on shadowcatcher’s blog about using negative spaces. So i put the daisies against  a sunny blue sky and i had my white  flowers. I used a pinky colour to show where petals overlapped and were shadowy as i didn’t have a grey pen. I then experimented with using the black pen to highlight edges, and was not happy with what i did. I envisaged it all rather differently and it just didn’t transfer onto paper!

Still,i enjoyed the process if  not the outcome, but then had to motivate myself to share not very good drawings on here. Here’s hoping they improve over time, but it seems they are getting worse each time i try something new at the moment!  

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